Can I share your recipe?

Of course you can (with credit please!). If you try out a recipe, leave a comment, tag me or hashtag my username #biancaeatsplants on Instagram, as I’d love to see what you come up with!

Why do you only update a few times a month?

Quality > quantity! I value the quality of the recipes I share with my readers. Every recipe shared, I have tried and tested in my own kitchen — in between juggling university work and catching up on sleep! #studentlife

Why don’t you include the nutritional value of recipes?

It doesn’t align with my philosophy on eating as I don’t believe in counting calories.

Where do you grocery shop?

Mostly Pick n Pay and Woolworths. Sometimes Wellness Wharehouse for those hard to find items.

Do you take any supplements?

Yes! At the moment I take Vitamin B12 and Zinc. Other than that, I strive to get all my vitamins and minerals from my food.

What’s in your kitchen?

Head over here to find out!